Throughout history consultants and royal advisers have been fundamental to decision making. The biblical kings had their prophets,  Sultans and Pharaohs had Viziers , The Greeks had Oracles.  Royalty have had the Royal court and even the Mafia had their Consiglieri.


Trusted Adviser


Having a trusted advisers is nothing new.  Seeking advice isn’t a sign of weakness it is a prudent and appropriate approach to decisions making.  These advisers were not there to make day to day decisions – the Kings and Pharaoh’s didn’t need them for that!  These trusted advisers were there for the BIG DECISIONS. “Should I go to War?”  “Who should I partner with?” “Will the crops fail?”

Consultancy today is no different as the world changes and your business needs to make some big decisions using trusted experts to discuss the options, offer honest and considered opinion and challenge the status quo and your decision making process so that you are confident that you have done all that can be done before you implement those decisions.

Expert Advice We believe in expert advice and not general advice, all of our experts have very specific fields of experience and have worked in these fields for many years. We utilise our network  to ensure that the advice we give you is as good as it can be. We make it our business to see and understand a broad range of businesses so that we understand the whole picture and can reflect this in our discussions with clients. No one who is only in one business can see as many situations as us, or as many different solutions as us.  We use this knowledge to become a catalyst of ideas for your specific business.

Speak the truth

Speak the truth Within the Royal Court there was also the court jester, generally it is understood that he was there to reflect the views of the people and to speak the harsh truth to the Royal Court.  We  believe that having advisers that are also like the jester,  aware of the specific conversations and topics being discussed within the graphic arts markets and not just within your own business. Our network is specifically tuned into the print and graphic arts market, we don’t service any other sectors, enables you to tune into the conversations that are happening out in the industry. Like the court Jester we will tell you the truth. If we think an idea is a bad , or a plan is flawed – we will tell you! (Perhaps some employees would not.)

Maat and the White Feather of Truth

Consultancy in our market often has a bad name, due to organisations that wanted to produce one report and just regurgitate the same thing to many businesses.  In our experience every business is different, different people, different customers, different products. One size fits no one ! Every business needs to make its own decisions, and find its own way through some very big decisions and we believe that the Print Research International Network is the best Trusted Adviser that is out there today to help you.