Print Research international has been at the forefront of technology and innovation and as well as helping businesses grow with consulting mentoring and business development, our partners are always bringing in new technologies to share with our customers.  These technologies can be a simple as a new substrate or ink that has new properties like specialist cling materials, magnetic systems or innovative designs or really high tech like visualisation of complex data structures, capacitive touch and printed electronics. We pride our selves in having a network of innovators out in the field developing new Ideas. John Charnock the business owner sits on several innovation and technology groups. We also invest in some of these new technologies in order to help our customers use them quickly and effectively. Our latest technology that we have in house  are Eye tracking systems, EEG Brain scanning and 360 video systems for capturing virtual environments.


Eye tracking systems have historically been very expensive to acquire and implement with timely set up charges and long term analysis. The eye tracking system that we have takes minutes to set up and can be used and analysed in moments. This suddenly makes it accessible to compare different ideas and designs or demonstrate effectiveness of POS products in the store environment. Alternatively if you want to own the equipment yourself we can help and advise you and give you a go on our equipment to see if it works for you.


John Charnock, the owner, was a professional photographer and has been using imaging technology his whole life. When he was asked by  ITG  (A customer) to demonstrate some new technology, he had seen consumer 360 video cameras and so brought one along to some clients. This went down a storm and he continued the development of this concept using high end 360 imaging equipment. Over a year he developed a system of capture, creation and publishing that enables any of ITG’s customers to go to their stores an look around without leaving the desk. He also developed a simple system for augmenting virtual elements into the images to show what future campaigns could look like. This technology has been used for training, compliance and idea communication.


Print and print media is one of the only media forms that can use haptics and the sens of touch to reinforce the message. Within our training programs that we run for companies like ProCo we include the use of the Emotiv EPOC+ brain scanner to demonstrate the impact on brain activity when touching, feeling and exploring printed products. These short videos showing the emotional impact of say soft touch laminate or  a tactile scodix varnish effect is really useful to show brands that printed products and the images that are used within them  touch parts of the brain that no other medium can reach.