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Saturday 13th December 2014

John Charnock speaks at the Royal Photographic Society’s Imaging Science Group conference called “Good Picture” Held at the University of Westminster,

The  program included a survey of print laboratories and if colour management was being applied;  The art of Scientific Imaging;  Identifying the source digital camera using PRNU image sensor noise pattern;  Ultra high speed photography;  Digital image correlation for measuring large structures and an introduction to constellation Photography.

John presented the use of hardware calibrated monitors for accurate colour appraisal and adjustment and brought several monitors calibrated and uncalibrated so that the audience could see the difference between a monitor that was “serious about colour” and a shiny screen uncalibrated imac.

During lunch the attendees used the time to bring their own images and see just how their own images appeared on the BenQ PG2401 vs the iMac.