During Drupa Print Research International worked for Benny Landa on the launch of of his Nanographic printing presses. The technology is a groundbreaking combination of nano sized pigment particles, aqueous ink and an amazing method of drying the polymeric ink prior to application to the substrate.

Landa Launched 6 presses: S 5, S 7, S10 and W5, W 50, W10 all capable of high speed commercial quality print. It is true to say that the event was unprecedented in its execution and impact on the show.

Most impressive was the 3Meter integrated touch screen that controlled the entire press.

So impressive was the press that Landa secured partnerships with Manroland, Heidelberg and Komori. A feat that has never been seen before.

Print Reserach International is proud of its links with Landa and hope that the relationship will continue for many years.